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Tradewars: The New Era 0.09 Prerelease

This (0.09) is a prerelease version for testing only. It is not a fully playable game. Registration keys may not work with some prereleases. Not all game mechanics are implemented--download 0.08 for normal play.

Tradewars: The New Era 0.08 Release

This is a fully playable version. Some versions of Win95 and NT have problems with blocking connects that cause the client to "freeze" when connecting to a server. Version 0.09 works around this problem. The Linux version does not include a client. You must have the Windows client to play the game. The Linux packages are, however, all you need to run a server on a Linux box. All binaries are for Intel-compatible chips only.

Other Files

These files are not specifically related to Tradewars: The New Era, but are made available for download.

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