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Important: Before you mail me, read the following:

If you're ordering something, send me the address you want it shipped to along with a full list of the items you want, and I'll give you a shipping quote. Add that amount to the total price of the items. When you email me, I'll send you my address, and you can send payment by check or money order. As is standard for deals on the Internet, I'll hold checks and money orders that aren't guaranteed by the issuer 7-10 days. You can get a guaranteed postal money order at your local post office. While I do test items, I can't guarantee that they won't be lost or damaged by the USPS. If you pay for insurance, the USPS will assume responsibility for that.

Want me to link to your page? No problem. I'll look at it some time in the near future and link to it if I like it. No guarantees when or if I'll put a link up, though. If you use frames or music, or if you require a specific browser, the odds are against it.

My item lists are current. If it's listed, I have it. If it isn't, I don't.

Please make sure I can actually mail the address in your From: or Reply-to: line... I can't reply to AOL addresses that filter unknown senders or to bogus anti-spam addresses.

Now, feel free to send me your email.

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