Commodore 64/128 BASIC Tokens

PETCAT version 2.02 PL 1					12 Dec 1996

  Listed below are keywords and token codes for all CBM Basic versions
  supported on petcat v2.02 PL 1. They include the following:
	Basic 1.0
	Basic 2.0
	Basic 2.0 with Super Expander
	Basic 2.0 and Simon's Basic
	Basic 2.0 with Speech Basic v2.7
	Basic 2.0 with AtBasic
	Basic 4.0
	Basic 4.0 extension for C64
	Basic 3.5
	Basic 7.0
	Basic 10.0


  Common Keywords (Tokens 80 - CB)

  Tokens 80 to A2 represent action keywords, while codes B4 trough CA
  are function keywords. AA - B3 are BASIC operators.

  There is no GO (CB) on Basic 1.0.

Token	Keyword

80	end
81	for
82	next
83	data
84	input#
85	input
86	dim
87	read

88	let
89	goto
8a	run
8b	if
8c	restore
8d	gosub
8e	return
8f	rem

90	stop
91	on
92	wait
93	load
94	save
95	verify
96	def
97	poke

98	print#
99	print
9a	cont
9b	list
9c	clr
9d	cmd
9e	sys
9f	open

a0	close
a1	get
a2	new
------------------ misc functions
a3	tab(
a4	to
a5	fn
a6	spc(
a7	then

a8	not
a9	step
------------------ operators
aa	+
ab	-
ac	*
ad	/
ae	^
af	and

b0	or
b1	>
b2	=
b3	<
------------------ functions
b4	sgn
b5	int
b6	abs
b7	usr

b8	fre
b9	pos
ba	sqr
bb	rnd
bc	log
bd	exp
be	cos
bf	sin

c0	tan
c1	atn
c2	peek
c3	len
c4	str$
c5	val
c6	asc
c7	chr$

c8	left$
c9	right$
ca	mid$
cb	go	(Basic 2.0 and higher only)

ff	pi

  Extension Keywords (Tokens CC - FE)

  The following codes are defined differently in each Basic version.
  The leftmost column shows VIC Super Expander commands (CC trough DD).
  Basic 3.5 and 7.0 differ in codes CE and FE, which are prefixes in 7.0,
  whereas in 3.5 CE = rlum and FE is unused.

  Codes CC to D4 (3.5, 7.0 and 10.0) are function keywords, and D5 trough
  FA are action keywords.

Token	Keyword
	2.0 Super	4.0		3.5/7.0		10.0

cc	key		concat		rgr		rgr  2)
cd	graphic		dopen		rclr		rclr 2)
ce	scnclr		dclose		rlum/*prefix*	*prefix*
cf	circle		record		joy		joy

d0	draw		header		rdot		rdot 2)
d1	region		collect		dec		dec
d2	color		backup		hex$		hex$
d3	point		copy		err$		err$
d4	sound		append		instr		instr
d5	char		dsave		else		else
d6	paint		dload		resume		resume
d7	rpot		catalog		trap		trap

d8	rpen		rename		tron		tron
d9	rsnd		scratch		troff		troff
da	rcolr		directory	sound		sound
db	rgr				vol		vol
dc	rjoy				auto		auto
dd	rdot				pudef		pudef
de					graphic		graphic
df					paint		paint 2)

e0					char		char
e1					box		box
e2					circle		circle
e3					gshape		paste 2)
e4					sshape		cut  2)
e5					draw		line
e6					locate		locate 2)
e7					color		color

e8					scnclr		scnclr
e9					scale		scale 2)
ea					help		help
eb					do		do
ec					loop		loop
ed					exit		exit
ee					directory 4)	dir
ef					dsave		dsave 4)

f0					dload		dload 4)
f1					header		header 4)
f2					scratch		scratch 4)
f3					collect 4)	collect 4)
f4					copy		copy 4)
f5					rename		rename 4)
f6					backup		backup 4)
f7					delete		delete

f8					renumber	renumber
f9					key		key
fa					monitor		monitor
fb					using		using
fc					until		until
fd					while		while
fe					*prefix* 	*prefix*

  Prefixed Extension Keywords (Tokens CE02 - CE0A)

  The following codes implement function keywords. Basics 7.0 and 10.0 only.

Token	Keyword

ce02	pot
ce03	bump
ce04	pen
ce05	rsppos
ce06	rsprite
ce07	rspcolor

ce08	xor
ce09	rwindow
ce0a	pointer

  Prefixed Extension Keywords (Tokens FE02 - FE26)

  The following codes are for 7.0 and 10.0 only. Keywords in the
  middle are commom.

Token		Keyword
	 7.0		   10.0

fe02		bank
fe03		filter
fe04		play
fe05		tempo
fe06		movspr
fe07		sprite

fe08		sprcolor
fe09		rreg
fe0a		envelope
fe0b		sleep
fe0c		catalog 4)
fe0d		dopen 4)
fe0e		append 4)
fe0f		dclose 4)

fe10		bsave
fe11		bload
fe12		record 4)
fe13		concat 4)
fe14		dverify
fe15		dclear
fe16		sprsav
fe17		collision

fe18		begin
fe19		bend
fe1a		window
fe1b		boot
fe1c		width  2)
fe1d		sprdef 2)
fe1e		quit 1) 2)
fe1f	 stash		 dma

fe21	 fetch		 dma
fe23	 swap		 dma
fe24		off 1) 2)
fe25		fast
fe26		slow
fe27			 type

fe28			 bverify
fe29			 ectory (diRectorY)
fe2a			 erase
fe2b			 find
fe2c			 change
fe2d			 set  3)
fe2e			 screen
fe2f			 polygon

fe30			 ellipse
fe31			 viewport 2)
fe32			 gcopy 2)
fe33			 pen
fe34			 palette
fe35			 dmode
fe36			 dpat
fe37			 pic  2)

fe38			 genlock
fe39			 foreground
fe3b			 background
fe3c			 border
fe3d			 highlight

  1)	Gives "unimplemented command error" on BASIC 7.0
  2)	Gives "unimplemented command error" on BASIC 10.0 v0.9
  3)	Only 'set def' is implemented.
  4)	Command also available on PET Basic 4.0, but the Token Code is
	 different from that of V3.5, 7.0 and 10.0.


 Third party products for VIC-20

 Turtle Basic v1.0 Keywords

cc	graphic
cd	old
ce	turn
cf	pen

d0	draw
d1	move
d2	point
d3	kill
d4	write
d5	repeat
d6	screen
d7	doke

d8	reloc
d9	fill
da	rtime
db	base
dc	pause
dd	pop
de	color
df	merge

e0	char
e1	take
e2	sound
e3	vol
e4	put
e5	place
e6	cls
e7	accept

e8	reset
e9	grab
ea	rdot
eb	plr$
ec	deek
ed	joy


 Third party products for C=64

  Basic 4.0 Expansion for C64 defines codes CC trough DA like 4.0 above,
  but also a few more:

Token	Keyword

db	color
dc	cold
dd	key
de	dverify
df	delete
e0	auto
e1	merge
e2	old
e3	monitor

  Speech Basic v2.7 Keywords (Tokens CC - E6)
  @Basic (Atbasic)  Keywords (Tokens CC - F6)

Token	Speech		AtBasic

cc	reset		trace
cd	basic		delete
ce	help		auto
cf	key		old

d0	himem		dump
d1	disk		find
d2	dir		renumber
d3	bload		dload
d4	bsave		dsave
d5	map		dverify
d6	mem		directory
d7	pause		catalog

d8	block		scratch
d9	hear		collect
da	record		rename
db	play		copy
dc	voldef		backup
dd	coldef		disk
de	hex		header
df	dez		append

e0	screen		merge
e1	exec		mload
e2	mon		mverify
e3	<-		msave
e4	from		key
e5	speed		basic
e6	off		reset
e7			exit

e8			enter
e9			doke
ea			set
eb			help
ec			screen
ed			lomem
ee			himem
ef			colour

f0			type
f1			time
f2			deek
f3			hex$
f4			bin$
f5			off
f6			alarm

 Simon's Basic Keywords

Token	Keyword

6401	hires
6402	plot
6403	line
6404	block
6405	fchr
6406	fcol
6407	fill

6408	rec
6409	rot
640a	draw
640b	char
640c	hi col
640d	inv
640e	frac
640f	move

6410	place
6411	upb
6412	upw
6413	leftw
6414	leftb
6415	downb
6416	downw
6417	rightb

6418	rightw
6419	multi
641a	colour
641b	mmob
641c	bflash
641d	mob set
641e	music
641f	flash

6420	repeat
6421	play
6422	>>
6423	centre
6424	envelope
6425	cgoto
6426	wave
6427	fetch

6428	at(
6429	until
642a	>>
642b	>>
642c	use
642d	>>
642e	global
642f	>>

6430	reset
6431	proc
6432	call
6433	exec
6434	end proc
6435	exit
6436	end loop
6437	on key

6438	disable
6439	resume
643a	loop
643b	delay
643c	>>
643d	>>
643e	>>
643f	>>

6440	secure
6441	disapa
6442	circle
6443	on error
6444	no error
6445	local
6446	rcomp
6447	else

6448	retrace
6449	trace
644a	dir
644b	page
644c	dump
644d	find
644e	option
644f	auto

6450	old
6451	joy
6452	mod
6453	div
6454	>>
6455	dup
6456	inkey
6457	inst

6458	test
6459	lin
645a	exor
645b	insert
645c	pot
645d	penx
645e	>>
645f	peny

6460	sound
6461	graphics
6462	design
6463	rlocmob
6464	cmob
6465	bckgnds
6466	pause
6467	nrm

6468	mob off
6469	off
646a	angl
646b	arc
646c	cold
646d	scrsv
646e	scrld
646f	text

6470	cset
6471	vol
6472	disk
6473	hrdcpy
6474	key
6475	paint
6476	low col
6477	copy

6478	merge
6479	renumber
647a	mem
647b	detect
647c	check
647d	display
647e	err
647f	out
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