Atari Jaguar

Atari Jaguar history

The Atari Jaguar was Atari's last attempt to reconquer the home video game market. Unfortunately, Atari had already generated much ill will among the major video game publishers, retailers, and magazines. The Atari Jaguar was never able to match the sales of the two dominant systems of the time, the Sega Genesis and Nintendo Super NES.

Atari had a large library of hits from the past to use in promoting the new console, but it received little support from major publishers. It also lacked quality games upon release, although Atari itself and several smaller developers were able to release a collection of very high quality games, most notably Tempest 2000 and Iron Soldier. Unfortunately for the Atari Jaguar, video game buyers typically opt for consoles with large selections over those marketed on the "quality over quantity" axiom. The same problem later plagued the Nintendo 64 during the period following its release.

Atari Jaguar hardware

The Atari Jaguar was easily the most powerful system of its time, featuring a variety of custom 32- and 64-bit processors and a fast 64-bit system bus. However, it had a reputation for being a difficult system for which to develop, and few of the major developers were willing to take a chance on the Atari Jaguar. More to the point, few were willing to take a chance on the Atari Corporation.

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