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Vintage Atari systems (particularly the Atari 2600) are among the most widely collected classic computers and video game consoles available. Most of them are quite cheap, and Atari has produced many different items over the years.

Atari dominated the video game industry throughout the classic gaming era. Unfortunately, changes of ownership and frequent shifts in strategy provided Nintendo with an opening, which they exploited effectively.

Atari attempted to reenter the video game market in 1987 with the technically brilliant Atari 7800 and the Atari XE Game System (a warmed over Atari 65XE with a detachable keyboard). They had little success due to a lack of licensees, which was in large part due to strict monopoly agreements Nintendo required its licensees to sign. Atari also released the Lynx portable they purchased from Epyx. For many years, it was the only color portable and the only 16-bit portable available. Nontheless, Atari failed to gain much market share against the Nintendo Game Boy.

Atari tried again in the early 1990s with the Jaguar. Again, it was by far the most powerful console available at the time, and for once they had high quality games available. Unfortunately, the games available on the launch date were terrible (aside from Raiden) and they never had the quantity to challenge Nintendo and Sega.

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